Our Investment Management Process

Our highly disciplined investment management process is based upon five key principals:

1) Strategic Asset Allocation is the most important step in the investment management process.  Over the long-term, the proper mix of stocks, bonds, and cash is the most important factor in reducing risk in your portfolio.  We help each client complete a detailed investor profile to make sure that the asset allocation we develop for each portfolio matches the investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon of the client.

2) Portfolio Diversification across asset classes and within asset styles is an integral and often overlooked step in the investment management process. By combining multiple asset classes and different investment styles within client portfolios, we aim to lower the volatility of returns – that is, the range of different returns clients could experience over time - in their portfolios.

3) Specialist Money Managers can enhance portfolio returns. Our program utilizes only institutionally-based money managers who focus on very specific types of securities. This assures us that the money managers choosing stocks and bonds on our client’s behalf are always operating in a narrowly focused area of proven expertise.

4) Continuous Portfolio Management is an essential part of the process. In addition to automatic rebalancing, the managers within the program are continually monitored to make sure that they are investing only in the specific types of securities they were hired for.  Thus, our portfolios should always contain the style of securities that it is supposed to have.

5) Taxes Matter.  For your taxable assets, the tax bill paid to Uncle Sam should be a major concern.  Our investment management program has different portfolios for taxable and tax-exempt investors.  Using many tax-control strategies, the tax sensitive portfolios seek to reduce tax liability and generate enhanced after-tax returns.

Chuck Schlapp is a Certified Financial Planner™ with Superior Financial Management. He is a registered investment advisor affiliated with and also 

offers securities as a Registered Representative of North Ridge Securities Corp., 1895 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY. 11747.

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